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Services Provided to Managements

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  • Post a job

    Post jobs anywhere anytime from the comforts of your home. You can post both local and non-local requirements for teachers, lecturers, trainers, and principals effortlessly and free of cost. Candidate profile and demo videos are available for free before committing and get 5 profiles for the cost of one for each vacancy.

  • Conduct Interviews

    You can now post available interview schedules for local and non-local vacancies for teachers, lecturers, trainers, and principal anywhere in India through the app. You can choose the interview venue and candidates can book the interview instantly. You can review the profiles and demo videos of applicants before they come for the interview.

  • 100% Appointments

    Our experts will assist you with our hassle-free and risk minimised version of the recruitment process with the recruitment software. Connect to our executives and provide them with the list of candidates and they will work for you during the committed academic year. Our executives ensure that you are provided with qualified, experienced and trained teachers through our proven sorting techniques. Our software is very effective and allows us to track and shortlist the candidate in an automated recruitment process.

  • Direct Profile Search

    You can now search for profiles that match your requirements using the filters available. We use machine learning language to identify the perfect candidate for every vacancy. You can also review the profile and demo video of the candidates before going forward.

  • Promote Your Posts

    Promote your job posts or interview posts with a nominal amount and get maximum responses from the candidates

Services Provided to Teachers/ Lectures/ Principals/ Trainers

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  • Job Application

    You can get the list of vacancies that suit your profile and by just clicking on the apply button, your profile will be forwarded to the respective management for review. You will get a call back from them and you can receive the appointment letter as well through the application itself.

  • Book Interview

    Get the list of scheduled interviews in your home page based on the details that you provided in your profile. Book your interviews and your profile will be forwarded to the management for further review so that you can attend the interview and get appointed.

  • 100% Placements

    Contact our executives and get placed in reputed institutions that have appreciable work culture and decent packages. We will assign an executive to work for you and choose the best job for you based on your qualifications, preferences and experience.

  • Customised Job Search

    Customise your job search to find the job that suits you the best. With the help of our advanced technology searches, we’ll help you find the best for you.

  • Monetise Your Free Time

    Engage your free time to earn more. Just switch your teacher profile to tuition teacher profile and apply for the tuition teacher vacancies posted.

  • Promote Your Profile

    Promote your profile with a nominal amount and get maximum response from the management. Our modern software technology will display your profile in the most prioritized category.

Services Provided to Parents

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  • Post A Job To Get Tuition Teachers

    You can now post highly customised job posts anywhere anytime through our mobile application. The local requirements for tuition teachers can be posted for quick responses. Demo video on how to access the features are also available for reference.

  • Easy Application Screening

    Parents can now effectively screen the applications received for the posts they uploaded by applying relevant filters. Applicants can be shortlisted based on the desired expertise or experience using these filter options.

  • Highly Accessible Profiles

    Parents can now contact the shortlisted candidates directly from their profiles at a very reasonable budget. Quick dial option available in candidate profile for better user experience and interaction. Candidate’s resume can be downloaded from their profiles in a single click.

Services Provided to Tuition Teachers

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  • Apply For the Posted Jobs

    Get the list of tuition jobs on your home page based on the details that you provided in your profile. Just click on apply then your profile will be automatically forwarded to the respective management and get a call back from the parent.

  • Search For Tuition Jobs

    Search and find tuition facilities nearby with your preference by using through our filtration searching technology. The usage of machine learning tools will help you to find and select the best tuition jobs.

Services Provided to Soft Skill Trainers

  • Job Application

    Get the list of jobs in your home page based on the details that you provided in your profile. Just click on apply then your profile will be automatically forwarded to the respective parent & get a call back from the management.

  • Get Direct Calls

    Once you update your profile in the software, our automation technology will deliver your profile to the managements who are registered in the software. You can expect a call back from the impressed managements who have gone through your profile.

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