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Sharing knowledge is divine, and teachers get to do this every day. Eras teachers is a platform where tuition teacher jobs will be posted after proper verification. The listed online tuition teacher jobs are open for teachers with relevant experience and those who are actively looking for a job.

The Eras platform is designed exclusively to help teachers secure jobs and for institutions and parents looking for talented teachers to educate their children. You can filter the tuition jobs available based on your experience, expertise and even location. Online tuition teacher jobs will also be available in our tuition teacher job listings.

Once you register with Eras teachers by entering your details, experience, and preferences, You can search for suitable jobs listed on the platform. Once you find the right tuition teacher job that fits your profile the best, apply for the position. The post owner will review your profile and contact you if they find your expectations and experience match their requirements. The whole process is transparent and safe.

How to Register as a tuition teacher in Eras Teachers?

To register as a tuition teacher in Eras Teachers, you need to fill in your details about yourself like your name, address, past employment details, educational qualifications etc. You should also add a demo video of you taking a class along with your profile. And also mention the job specifications you are interested in, like how many hours you would like to work and on which timing. This will help the employers in screening your profile. Online tuition teachers' jobs are flooding the market. We have listed some of the authentic and well-paid tuition teacher jobs in Eras teachers to help the community of teachers looking for a job as tuition teachers.

The Process

Once your profile is registered in our system, we will customise your profile based on your preferences. Now you will be able to see the customised job listings on your dashboard for you to apply. Choose the best and click apply. Your profile will be shared with the post owner, and you will get a call once shortlisted.

The post owner can contact you directly within the platform or personally. Your resumes can be downloaded and analysed to understand your qualifications and experience better. Also, your demo video reference will be a huge advantage.

There is another opportunity that you can search for tuition institutions nearby your location and apply for open positions. If you are not looking for individual or online tuition jobs, this feature will help you land the desired job.

Why Eras Teachers

Eras Teachers is a user-friendly and safe platform exclusively for teachers looking for a job or a job change. Job aspirants can turn on the notification alert if a job that fits their profile is being uploaded to be one of the first applicants. Also, you can now screen popular institutions that are hiring in your location. The managements or institutions post their requirements, and the teachers who have registered in the platform will get a notification if their profile suits the job description. Tuition teacher jobs are also posted regularly on the platform.

If you can spare at least two hours a day to share your knowledge in your area of expertise, register now, get yourself a private tuition job and earn yourself some money. Eras teachers is a platform built for those who are ready to share knowledge.

Eras Teachers work hard to reduce the hiring challenges faced by teachers and to become the most trusted teachers’ job portal that offers safe, authentic and premium standard services. We are constantly focusing on making the process of job-hunting less frustrating for those in the field of teaching.

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